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Do you need a filling but aren't too excited about a smile full of metal? Or do you wish you could replace your existing metal fillings with something a little more natural-looking? At Amazing Smile we are proud to offer beautiful metal-free dental fillings to our patients.

Metal-free fillings commonly known as "bondings" are preferred by patients and dentists alike because they are both safer and nicer looking than metal fillings. Designed of white composite materials, Dr. Clemente has the ability to restore your tooth in a way that blends naturally with the rest of your smile. Also, the strong bonding properties of metal-free fillings make them a long-lasting solution that adds strength to the tooth and locks out tooth-damaging bacteria.

         Let people see your amazing smile, not your dental work! Ask about metal-free fillings today.


Many studies continue to be done on the health risks of metal fillings. Metal amalgam fillings contain mercury, which is thought to give off a vapor that can be absorbed easily by the body. However, this is a very controversial topic. What is actually known is that metal fillings are, at minimum, damaging to the tooth structure. This is partially because they expand and contract with temperature changes, putting the tooth at risk of cracking, and allowing bacteria to get trapped beneath the filling. They also can lead to fracturing the tooth structure, a potentially un-restorable condition or poor prognosis of the tooth.


At Amazing Smile, Dr.Clemente provides metal-free dental fillings as a reliable, more attractive way to restore a tooth in need of a filling. Contact our office to schedule your appointment with Dr. Clemente today!

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