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As a cosmetic and restorative dentist, you will notice right away that Dr. Clemente is an artist who uses her talent to create beautiful restorations. Utilizing a digital smile design of your smile and  by combining the science of dentistry with her artistic touch, Dr. Clemente crafts strong, natural-looking dental crowns for our patients.


Crowns give back strength, function, and aesthetic appearance to a damaged or missing tooth. There are several different materials that can be used to create a crown, including metal, porcelain, a combination of the two, and other very strong tooth-colored materials such as Zirconia and Lithium Disilica. If Dr. Clemente determines the best way to repair your tooth is with a crown, she’ll take the time to carefully discuss your options and make recommendations for materials that will look, function, and feel the best for your smile.


Our crowns are superior in function, aesthetics, and quality.


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Dr. Clemente is very thankful to the high-end dental lab she chooses to help her custom-craft crowns for patients. Like our dentist, our lab ceramists are also artists who use only the finest techniques and materials. As a team, Dr. Clemente and our lab produce beautiful, high quality crowns for patients who:


  • Have a severely decay-damaged tooth

  • Have received a root canal

  • Have a broken or cracked tooth

  • Have just received a dental implant

  • Need support for a dental bridge

Once your tooth has been restored using a dental crown, you may forget dentistry was ever involved in the repair of your smile. To find out more about dental crowns in our office, call Amazing Smile today!

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